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A key concern of communities affected by rapid energy growth is the impact on the health and public safety of citizens. How will it change law enforcement needs? If there are more vehicles on the road, won’t there be more crashes? Are the existing medical centers equipped to handle the types of injuries and accidents that can occur on a drill site? The Consortium is working to bring together law enforcement officials, first responders, public safety agencies, medical centers, and others across West Texas and Southeast New Mexico to address these challenges and find solutions. Visit the Get Involved page for more information on joining other like-minded individuals focusing on the health and public safety of their communities.

The links below are just a few of the valuable resources for learning more about, and addressing, health and public safety concerns:Success In Planning 640x426 320x213 2

Texas Health Emergency Preparedness
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)
Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)
FBI Active Shooter Planning & Response in a Healthcare Setting
FBI Resources for Schools and Businesses in Preparing for Active Shooters

For rural communities with limited access to resources and a lot of terrain to cover, emergency management planning can be particularly difficult. Yet it is increasingly crucial to have a plan in case a crisis strikes. Check out the links below for additional information and resources on emergency management planning, and what this means for your community if disaster strikes.

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM)
Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM)
Texas Depart. of Emergency Management Public Information & Education

Worksite safety is not just important to the industry, it’s also relevant to communities. A number of resources available through the Occupational Safety & Health Administration are listed below.

OSHA Publications
OSHA Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing eTool
OSHA Worker Safety in Hospitals
OSHAcademy Free Online OSHA Training

ATTENTION EDUCATORS, ADMINISTRATORS and ISDS for important health and public safety information for schools!

Some natural disasters can be predicted, giving schools the time they need to take safety precautions or be able to evacuate. However, there are many disaster situations that happen unexpectedly or go through rapid changes that suddenly put a school in danger. We would like to make you aware of an emergency preparedness guidebook recently shared with WTxEC, that may be an asset to you.

The team at Accredited Schools Online have put together a brand new guide for schools and their students in order to prepare for natural disaster situations. Inside the guidebook, you will find information and safety resources for those in earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme cold weather situations, and more. They also offer expert advice and helpful resources for each situation. The full-length guidebook can be viewed here: Emergency Preparedness In School

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