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The achievements made throughout the past three years reflect the dedicated work of the Consortium. More importantly, they are a testament to the continuous support of the communities, organizations and businesses involved in strategies addressing needs of the region. The Consortium looks forward to continued collaboration with members in developing initiatives that increase the region’s global economic competitiveness. Contact us today to explore the many opportunities WTxEC has to offer!

The West Texas Energy Consortium’s future will be driven by the needs of the members it serves.  The Consortium will continue to seek out opportunities to support the region. The active participation of businesses, education institutions, and communities throughout the region will ensure the continued success of the Consortium and the region’s economy. Get involved now in events and projects benefiting your communities, schools and local businesses. The Consortium focuses on five key strategies addressing the needs of the region as a result of the rapid growth due to renewable energy development, oil & gas exploration, production and shale gas development.

Education & Workforce Development

At the heart of the Consortium’s initiatives and projects is the identification of skills and training required for current and forecasted workforce needs. The Consortium is constantly working on STEM programs and collaborations with the goal of retaining youth in school and preparing them for a whole spectrum of skilled/professional occupations; along with the retention of quality instructors and trainers.

Community & Industry Collaboration

By focusing on creating long-term benefits for communities, we are contributing to the region's broader sustainability objectives, creating a more stable business environment and improving quality of life. For an organization of our size, building and maintaining relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders are both priorities and ongoing challenges.  Many people, organizations and communities are impacted directly by, and have a direct impact on, our organization.  Issues surrounding the energy industry are complex and our stakeholders represent multiple viewpoints.  The discussions we undertake with our stakeholders help us to understand a variety of perspectives.  Regular stakeholder engagement helps us continue to improve the Consortium and remain a responsible citizen.  We engage our stakeholders using a variety of mechanisms, including community meetings, the internet and social media, Consortium newsletter updates, one-on-one and group discussions, among others.  Through all of these communication channels the Consortium is able to direct its annual activities and project planning.

Health & Public Safety

Priorities surrounding the health and public safety throughout the region are the identification and sharing of public safety/emergency resources, personnel needs among local law enforcement and emergency response units, and the availability & funding for emergency management and hazardous materials training.

Community & Social Impacts

We focus on community education regarding energy development in the wind, solar, oil and gas sectors to ensure there is an understanding and partnership that supports positive community and economic development. Forums, events and projects look at the possible impact on community services, such as health care, retail, public services and non-profit organizations. The goal is communication and accessibility of resources to support growth; while minimizing negative impacts.

Local Development & Supply Chain Management

The sustainability of regional economic growth is dependent on the availability of a qualified workforce and local business development with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance against global economics. The Consortium provides an opportunity to collaboratively design new flexible systems to address those challenges and build on short-term and long-term needs.

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