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The West Texas Energy Consortium has partnered with industry leaders Shell and Chevron to form the Permian Road Safety Coalition (PRSC). The road safety coalition was established as an innovative collaboration of cross-industry efforts with oil and gas operators, service companies, transporation companies, government organizations and non-government organizations. The Coalition, along with its 120 company members, brings together resources, data, technology, and global networks to focus on initiatives that will make the greatest impact improving road safety in local communities. In it's three and a half years of operation the Coalition has been able to:PRSC logo

  • Leverage member companies’ collective intellectual expertise to advance best practices for companies in the region.
  • Address strategic road safety challenges in select locations by working with local government and stakeholders.
  • Identify actionable insights through data collection and management to advance innovative solutions.
  • Collaborate with the broader road safety community to be the leading voice for the private sector.

semiSome might wonder - why would a collaborative like this be needed? It requires 2,300 to 4,000 truck trips to deliver the fluids needed to hydraulically fracture a single horizontal well. Other drilling techniques, such as those used on vertical wells, need one-third to one-half as many trips. These numbers don’t include the number of trucks it takes to move equipment, transport oil to refineries, or complete the many other processes associated with oil and gas production. No matter how you slice it, this means heavy traffic on West Texas roads in weight and volume. Couple this with the influx of population related to strong economic growth and roadways across the region are becoming busier by the day. the safety and maintenance of our roads have a huge impact on economic success in West Texas.

In 2015, TxDOT launched the Texas Transportation Plan 2040, looking at the future needs of Texas roads and other means of transit; the final release of TxDOT's report is available on the Studies & Reports page. shutterstock 289220903 360x210Since the publishing of this report TxDOT has made plans to invest over $70 billion in road projects. TxDOT has also provided a Project Tracker for the public to review ongoing projects, look at projects coming up in their region, provide input into projects under consideration. 

Not only are many communities in West Texas experiencing an increased need for investment in surface roads, the region is also witnessing a number of investments in other types of infrastructure such as rail and pipelines. To learn more about the movement of crude oil and other energy products visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration and use the map below to track where products are going and how they’re getting there.

EIA Districts 300x183



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